Siri Commands & Features


Add a reminder

Remind me to put the chicken in the oven when I get home

Remind me it's Oliur's birthday on the 14th of January

Remind me to lock the doors at 10:30pm

Remind me to pay the bills when I get to work

Remind me to call mum when I get home

Create a new shopping list

Add chicken to my shopping list

Add "complete report" to my to do list

What's on my to do list?

Events & Calender

Set up a meeting for 10am

Set a meeting with Chris for 2pm on Friday

Change my 10am meeting to 11am

Cancel my meeting on Friday with Chris

What does my day look like?

What's on my calendar for Friday?

When is my next appointment?

Apps & Settings

Launch Apple Music

Play Monument Valley

Download the Twitter app

Turn off WiFi

Turn on Airplane mode

Make the screen brigher

Turn on Do Not Disturb


Turn the lights on

Turn the lights blue

Lock the front door

Turn the heating up

Turn the downstairs lights off


Set an alarm for 6am

Wake me up at 7am tomorrow

Turn off all of my alarms

What time is it in New York?

What's the date today?

Set a timer for 10 minutes

Phone & FaceTime

Call John Doe

Call Dad's work phone

Call back my last missed call

Do I have any voicemails?

Ring 012 3456 7890

FaceTime my girlfriend

Make a FaceTime audio call


Send a message to Tom

Tell Susan it was a great show

Read my latest message

Reply, I'll be there in 10 minutes

Read my last message from my girlfriend

Maps & Places

Give me directions to home

Give me directions to London

Directions from the office to Brighton

What's my ETA?

Find the nearest petrol station

Show me the London Eye

Find the nearest coffee

Find a good pub in London


What's the weather like today?

How hot is it?

What's the forecast for the week?

What's the weather like in London?

How windy is it?

Do I need a umbrella?

When is sunset?


Play music from Dr Dre

Play the top tracks of the week

Play some rap

Play The Weeknd

Play Drake's latest album

Play more like this

Play / Pause / Skip

Play radio

What song is this?


Did Arsenal win today?

What was the Arsenal score?

When is Arsenal's next game?

Show me the football results from yesterday

Who's the best in the Premier League?

Who's the top goal scorer in the Premier League?

Which player has the most assits in the Premier League?


What's 71 times by 52?

How do you spell beautiful?

What is 15% of £56?

How long do elephants live for?

How many days until Christmas?

How far away is the moon?

How hard is a sapphire?